The TEAM Approach:
At Team Economics, we have created a unique concept
in which we are capable of providing economic,
vocational, and/or life-care consulting services and
expert testimony for a variety of cases arising from:
Personal injury
Wrongful death
Employment discrimination
Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)
Marital dissolution / Divorce / Support
Commercial damages

Our Unique TEAM Approach

Forensic Economics

Vocational Rehabilitation

Life-Care Planning

Forensic Accounting

Commercial Damages
We can provide any combination of the above three
disciplines in our report under same, or separate
cover, at the client’s request.  This TEAM approach
allows the client to save time and money while
creating a more comprehensive, correlated
assessment of the economic damages.  Additionally,
we have had tremendous success assisting Counsel (on
a consulting, non-expert disclosure basis) in critiquing
the opposing expert(s) and providing suggested cross-
examination questions and exhibits to present an
accurate view of the economic damages.

Typical cases include catastrophic injuries arising from
auto accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice,
products liability, assaults, wrongful termination,
family law issues, and civil rights violations.  Specific
areas of expertise include lost earnings and associated
fringe benefit calculations, life and worklife
expectancy, productivity, present and future values,
lost retirement benefits, personal maintenance
expenditures, prevented household services, earnings
capacity for family law matters, and future medical
cost calculations.  

To discuss a specific case, feel free to
contact us.
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